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 Today is 20 Jun 2021 - 06:51h (in Germany) 

Ouyang Xue died on 5th November 2012.


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The given Chinese Name
'Gei Hao' means "brings good".

Most times "Lao Wai" is enough, the "old stranger" in positive sense.
In fact the mother-in-law started to use this nickname because she simply could not pronounce the German name.
Most Chinese friends simply use "Lao Ge".



above: The new family during a visit in colorful Shanghai
(in cold February 2001).


In the 'ASMARA-Restaurant' on Lombok island Gerhard celebrated his 50th birthday together with local friends (2004).

The restaurant-team had prepared an excellent tropical seafood menue with fine exotic side dishes.
Hari from Colombo
With one of our already five foster-children from Sri Lanka, the Philippines, China, and Indonesia. Above is little Hari from Colombo (in 2000).
Since 2009, the sponsorships have expired.

Gerhard's Greenpeace engagement
can be found under » Greenpeace

Gerhard is partner at:
P.T. ASMARA Restoran Senggigi
- a fine tropical restaurant -
in Senggigi, Lombok, Indonesia:
  > www.asmara-group.com

2006: Six years marriage with a Chinese woman of course change the habits of eating. Noodles have become a new favourite food.

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