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 Today is 29 May 2022 - 02:09h (in Germany) 

Ouyang Xue died on 5th November 2012.

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In memory of our German - Chinese liasion ...

Xue und Gerhard
Xue & Gerhard in Mexico-City

Five months (and hundreds of e-mails) later we met personally in Mexico-City, where Xue had been living for several years and working as an interpreter for Spanish - Chinese.

Everything began in December 1999:

We, Xue and Gerhard, learnt to know each other via the Internet
- yes, it really worked already in those days!


Pyramides del Sol

Visiting the "Pyramides del Sol" in Teotihuacán, Mexico.

Wedding day

We married - almost exactly one year after our first contact -
in Bielefeld, Germany, on 12th December 2000.


Finally we were happy to set up a new family when Xue's daughter Tan arrived from Beijing in June 2001.

New Family

Since then we were living together in Bielefeld, a city with about 330.000 citizens in North-West-Germany - and quite different to Beijing and Mexico-City.

Both of us had been divorced before the new marriage. Gerhard's daughters Ariane and Janina had been living with their mother next door, and they were still keeping close and frequent contact with us.
Well, they also liked home-made Chinese food...

Right: The stepsisters Janni, Ari, and Tan have quickly learnt to get along with each other. Here they were doing handicraft together on the terrace of our house (September 2001).



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